ExpoPharma Spectrum® PAT Probe Holder

ExpoPharma Spectrum® PAT Probe Holder 2018-06-22T08:28:17+00:00

Process Engineers and Scientists know from experience that acquiring good quality PAT measurements within a process stream can be make or break to delivering a robust PAT solution. This can be made especially difficult if material properties cause adhesion and eventual ‘blinding’ of the probe face resulting in attenuation or loss of spectral signal to the analyser. Other times, material density in the product flow in process can be too low to attain a useful signal from your PAT probe to make good measurements. Either scenario results in an expensive process analyser being rendered useless.

The Expo Technologies Spectrum Probe Holder is designed to solve both these problems. The Spectrum Probe Holder can be configured in either of two modes:

  1. Fittted with a mechanical wiper to address the probe fouling or sticking problem
  2. Fitted with an integrated rotating sample cup that allows periodic collection and presentation of a sample in front of the probe. This allows for more precise measurement of the sample by the spectrometer.

The Expo Technologies Spectrum Probe Holder is designed to integrate standard NIR, UV and Raman probes at adjustable depth into your process stream by means of a standard 2” Hygiene Tri Clamp process equipment port. The device is constructed from fully traceable and certified FDA approved materials of construction. Air actuation of the device allows safe use of the Spectrum Probe Holder in Zone 21/22 ATEX process environments and as such the device is Zone 21/22 ATEX Db IIIc T3 certified.