Automated Spectrophotometric Standards Calibration Rig

Automated Spectrophotometric Standards Calibration Rig 2018-07-06T09:04:47+00:00

Based on a specific requirement for automated PAT in a high containment facility ExpoPharma were tasked to provide a calibration rig that was capable of automatically performing all of the pharmacopoeial tests for an NIR spectrophotometer.

The calibration rig was designed by our engineers to be capable of being handled by an automated guided vehicle fork truck that was used for handling tote bins within the facility. As such the rig designed to match this form factor eliminating the need to modification of the existing AGV handling system.

All required spectrophotometric reference materials were mounted on a circular plate (as shown) which was actuated by means of a pneumatic motor to meet any local ATEX zone requirements. This was then linked up to the computer system in the safe area to allow remote operation of the test system outside the hazardous area.